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Development Team

The following companies dedicated all their resources, their imagination and expertise to create a long-lasting sustainable mask to support people all around the world today and in the future.


KDP is your reliable service provider in 3D measuring.
Since the foundation of our company in 1992 we are valued as a flexible and quality-conscious partner.
Our customers appreciate our support for:
• industrial measurement engineering
• calibration of test equipment
• quality assurance
Our company, based in Gemmingen near Heilbronn, is active both throughout Germany and internationally.


PLEXPERT is a multinational company with experts from all fields of the plastic industry.
Our knowledge is based on more than 14 years of practical experience and countless research projects.
To save material, energy and time is one of our main objectives for our clients.
This is why we support in optimizing part and mold design, injection molding process and part quality with out products and services like:
• injection molding simulation
• infra red thermal system (IRTS) and software for the plastic industry
• trainings and e-learning courses
We work to ensure sustainable production to keep our environment healthy.


Spline-Konstruktionen GmbH = Jürgen Hörl with his team and more than 25 years of design experience develops innovative solutions for you in the field of injection moulding.
We develop customized designs for different materials:
Mass plastic as well as technically high-quality materials from high temperature plastics (e.g. Peek, PPSU), ceramics, metal up to silicone.
For the departments: Medical technology, automotive engineering, household technology, electrical engineering, water-bearing fittings and compressed air technology.
Specializing in: Spindle removal molds, tandem molds, stack molds, 2K molds, insert molds
Best injection moulding needs quality. We will deliver it.


Engineering office for calculation services
Range of services:
• Flow Simulation
• Structural analyses (static and dynamic; implicit/explicit)
• Multibody simulation (with rigid and flexible bodies)
• Strength and fatigue tests according to relevant standards
• Multiphysical calculations (e.g. fluid-structure interaction with thermal coupling)

Production Team

On short notice and with great enthusiasm the following companies immediately supported the mask project.
Providing production capacities moved our project smoothly forward.
Thank you for your support!

Druckerei Zeller

For many years we are producing high quality printed matter for private individuals, companies and institutions.
Creatively we support even the most unusual printing requests.
Our customers appreciate the quality of our work as well as the reliable and fast processing.
Beside that our qualified advice on all aspects of design, typesetting and printing is valued.

Formenbau Rapp

With our experienced staff of over 25 employees and modern machinery, we manufacture injection moulds for complex plastic parts with a size of up to 1,000 x 1,200 mm and a weight of 7,000 kg.
Our competence is particularly strong in 2K injection moulding tools.
Our customers are manufacturers of high-precision plastic parts for all industries.
We deliver precision work on time, quickly and at a reasonable price.
Visit us at and inform yourself about our precision mould making!
Or do you have another idea?


HFT, an owner-managed hot runner manufacturer with headquarters in Lorsch, sees itself as a process partner for its customers.
Our customers get a stronger market position due to our fast reaction and delivery time.
Customers of HFT use our innovative strength to implement new applications.
HFT offers the optimal solution for your application.
From melt filter, individual nozzles, as well as hot runner systems (also with valve gate), up to
complete hot side molds and associated controller technology.

Hugo Görner

Hugo Görner is a modern medium-sized company and competent specialist in all questions of plastic technology.
We take care of all the work.
From planning and design to plastic-compatible layout, design, building, optimisation and procurement of injection moulding tools and part production.
We have long time experience and the experts.
From the first thought to the last production step we are always at your side.

Jürgen Buss

Jürgen Buss GmbH manufactures CNC-milled and turned parts using state-of-the-art technology.
The wide range of our production opens up multiple possibilities for us.
Our customers from mold maker, mechanical engineering, automotive and food industry profit from this.
Furthermore we have grown into a premium partner for the medical engineering industry.
Our customers appreciate the high quality of our work and reliable deadlines.
Since over 30 years we support our customers with a target-oriented strength of innovation.

Seifer & Steiner

From the development to serial production, we assist you as a reliable partner.
Simplest milled and turned parts as well as complex prototypes, we manufacture everything according to the latest state of the art, drawing or data set.