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Your mask up for today’s life and work


We created the worlds first air flow system from the side for masks.
With this an urban mask is given right away.
A variety of filter can be attached to the side of the mask for different uses.
Due to the reduction of the filter pad size we are environmental friendly.


As humans we have many ways of communication. More than half of it is done non verbal through our facial expression.
This is why we use transparent material for the mask that allows to show nose and mouth.
So you can share a smile with others.
Especially when working in care taking with sick or elderly people showing good emotions and a friendly smile is important.


Using robust materials the Certespiri mask can be used many times.
The mask is comfortable to wear and easy to clean and disinfect.
If the lifetime of the mask comes to an end the mask can be recycled to 100%.
Then the recycled material is used for new products.

More features are:

Moreover, a variety of filters can be attached
to the side of the mask for different uses.

What makes the difference?

Comfortable wear due to soft component all around the mask

Smooth adaptation to the shape of the face

Transparent material allows clear view of your facial expression

Easy breathing with adequate tested space

Variety of filters easy to change

Different sizes for every face type

Our motivation:

The design of the mask was started due to the fact that we felt a mask need to be:
• Wearable for years
• Simple to be used
• Flexible
• Environmental friendly
• Affordable for everyone
• Fashionable
• Comfortable to wear
• Open to show facial expressions

For us it is important to:

• Reduce waste of filter material
• Use 100% recycable FDA proven material
• Use green electricity on the shop floor to produce the masks
• Reduce CO2 emissions
• Ensure fair payment along the supply chain
• Bring fun and good feelings to the people

*Certespiri masks are on process of being certified as FFP2 and N95.

Please, check the website regularly to learn more about the current status regarding ongoing tests.
There’s a mask for you