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Frequently Asked Questions
Use of the mask:
Can use Certespiri mask in virus infected environments?
The mask is designed to be used in different environments.
This range from the use as an urban mask up to the use in a infected environment.
However, it is very important to understand that the mask shall only be used in an infected environment if the appropriate filter pads are used.
The pads need to be inserted correctly and locked with the side frames onto the mask.
As soon as this is done the mask can be used in infected environments as well.
Please note that the final approval of FFP2/N95 from European Authorities is in process.
When can I use the Certespiri mask?
The modern design of the mask allows you to use it any time any where.
This is to protect yourself for pollen, dirt in the air and other unwanted particles.
Of course, the most efficient use is given as soon as you are in contact with other people.
You help to protect them and show them your face so that they read and understand your non verbal communication. This makes them feel better.
Production and customizing:
Where can I buy the mask?
Today the Certespiri mask is available through the online shop at
However, we are in contact with a large number of re-seller in different countries.
Soon the mask will be available through other online shops as well as retailer all over the world.
Where is the mask produced?
Understanding that there will be a change in the world, and driven by the spirit to save our environment as well as
people the, a group of companies in the south part of Germany found together and started the Certespiri projects.
Right now the masks are produced in Germany from a ISO 9001:2015 certified injection molding company.
The production is supervised and constantly checked by a DAkkS accredited quality control company.
Why weren't you earlier at the market?
Developing a mask to protect people is a very serious matter.
There are many different things to be taken care of.
As a group of companies specialized in different fields of engineering, development, production and quality control, creating a mask was new to us.
Understanding the need of a sustainable mask and driven by innovative ideas the Certespiri project started.
However, it was and still is for the good of the people and designed for the long term.
Short public relation benefits are not desired but to create a long lasting, robust and modern mask to be used with comfort.
So we started with extensive FEM simulation first, followed by 3D CAD Design and rapid prototyping before we go into steel to create pre-series tools.
After the production of the first parts we started a wide range of different material tests, hygienic tests as well as test involving a large amount of people from different areas of our daily live.
Teacher, nurse, hair dresser, engineers, cashier, travel assistants, doctors and more gave us their feedback.
We listen carefully and put a lot of energy in optimizing the masks and fullfill all the ideas and requests we where told.
This slowed down our appearance on the market, but we need to make sure to have the best product. This is our claim.
Is there any functional difference among the variety of coloured masks?
All Certespiri masks have the same basic functionality, no matter the colour you prefer to choose. Cartespiri masks are transparent in the hard component area so you can still socialize by sharing your facial expressions with others. Nevertheless, we also designed masks that are totally opaque in that area in case one want the mask showing it’s own company colours. But no matter how, the functionality of the masks are all the same.
Filter and testing:
Is the mask certified?
The mask is produced using certified materials. The components are in conformity with the framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 through the implementation in Regulation (EU) No 10/2011.
However, the mask in total is not certified yet. Nonetheless, the certification is in process.
What kind of filters are available?
Filters where chosen carefully from a certified German supplier.
The filter pad’s themselves has a thickness of less than 1mm and reduced in size to avoid waste.
So far filters are available for class G3/G4 (coarse dust), F5/F9 (fine dust and pollen) as well as FFP2.
But please note that the finally approval of the mask for FFP2 is still pending although the material is certified.
Therefore FFP2 filter are not offered so far.
Can I use my own home-made filters in the mask?
The filter used in the mask has specific dimensions.
If you follow the required dimensions the answer to the question is yes.
However we strongly advise to use expertise designed filters for more effective performance,
specially for extreme environments involving fine particles and virus infected areas.
How can I get continuous information about on going developments?
Please check our website regularly in order to see what kind of improvements and new products are available.
We considering the implementation of a newsletter, but since the date for the release is not set, the website as well as social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is the best source not to miss any information.
Please follow us on our social media channel and check our website regularly.
Can I support and influence further development of the mask?
One of our strongest values is that we do listen to people.
Of course you can influence the development of the mask as well as the invention of new and helpful products.
Please use the contact form given on our website and report about what you feel about a product and what you would like to have.
Share your thought and ideas with us and we will do all we can to make them real.
Do you support non-profit organizations with free masks?
As any other organization we need to make some money in order to pay the people working for Certespiri as well as the material needed and the production.
In fact, since we use green electricity and environment friendly materials, our costs are partly higher than in other productions.
However, we do have a strong feeling and responsibility for all the people doing voluntary work to support others.
Therefore we do have a certain portion of masks available in each production, that we contribute for free to non-profit organizations as well as voluntary worker in order to honor what they do.
If you are looking for masks please use the contact form and let us know.
We will see that we find a way to support you.